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Interior design and decoration including product selection and purchasing

From installation to inspiration, H+Co. Design Haus can help you create spaces you will love for years to come. We work with you to ensure our design meets your needs and reflects your personal preferences. Our clients love how we make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible.


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Heather Arnold is the owner and principal interior designer at H+Co. Design Haus, a Decorating Den franchise.

Meet Heather Arnold

I’m Heather Arnold, the interior designer behind H+Co. Design Haus. and my love for interior design became a passion early on. My journey started as far back as I can remember.

Since I was a little girl, I have loved interior design. My appreciation for beautiful surroundings was evident when my favorite weekend hobby was driving around lovely neighborhoods at night with my mother to see the incredible interiors lit up like an art exhibit in my head. My ability to create welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environments also began early in life since my family and I moved almost annually starting when I was seven.

My heart is happy when I am creating and designing. But my soul is happy when I see my clients’ faces as they walk into their new spaces and fall in love with what I have created just for them.

Interior Design Services

H+Co. Design Haus offers interior design services for residential and some commercial projects and will assist you with the master plan, prioritization, and implementation of your project from start to finish. The project could be a complete home makeover or simply updating one area or element.

After some discussion by phone, Heather will visit on-site and discuss how she can work with you to design your project for the best outcome. Plans will be drawn and you will be shown material selections based on what you have discussed. Heather is fully involved in the project from beginning to end, including selection and purchasing and lastly, installation – the most exciting part!

Call us today because we offer top-notch service, expert advice, and custom furnishings that are beautiful, functional, and lasting. You’ll love the experience.

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